Sunday, November 13, 2011

Allowing 5 minutes for self doubt, then onward!

A week from right now it will be all over. The Warrior Dash. I've been so pumped for this, I can't believe it's six short days away! Except for the day I signed up, today was the first day I doubted myself. I looked at the course and they've added some obstacles that will definitely be challenging. For a brief moment I felt a little panic, and thought maybe this was a bad idea. But I was able to shut that voice up pretty quickly. I am not running this race for time, style or finesse. I'm running this race for sheer fun and to see what I CAN do, not get hung up on what I can't. If I can't complete an obstacle, oh well! It's only going to eliminate me from collecting a first place prize. That wasn't going to happen regardless! I am making this promise to myself right now: You get five minutes of self-doubt on race morning. And then it's balls out, go hard, push myself harder than I think is possible. I will leave NOTHING at the start line. Nothing. It's about time I start realizing challenges are about facing them head on and not judging yourself on your performance.

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