Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Ass is Shrinking

My ass is shrinking. Finally. It's been expanding for far too long.
So I decided to do something about it and join Weight Watchers. Actually, to RE join Weight Watchers. I just started my tenth week and decided, this time, I was going to write about a lot of the things that go through my head with this dieting/weight loss journey.

So here's me. I'm not going to tell you my weight, but I have a lot to lose. A LOT. I'm not focusing on the starting number or even the ending number. That is all way too overwhelming. I did that before. I actually lost 100 pounds exactly with Weight Watchers a number of years ago, and that time around I was VERY focused on the numbers. Actually was addicted to weighing myself. This time around I don't even have a scale at home and have no plans to get one. Weighing in once a week is plenty, thank you.

No, this time my focus is just to make good choices with my eating and exercising, and letting the number take care of itself. Having said that, I will completely fess up to the fact that I wish I could lose more pounds every week, and that if I gain it freaks me out. But I'm trying to get over that because, unfortunately, I've learned that I can gain quite a bit when I followed the program 110%. So screw the numbers. I cant judge my success by that alone, it doesn't tell the whole story.

So you may have noticed I said I lost 100 pounds on WW before. Yep, and then put it all back plus a little more. Depression is a wicked thing, and to be honest, it took over my life and I stopped caring about pretty much everything. But that's all under control and I've made big changes in my life. The time just felt right again to tackle the Ever Expanding Ass once and for all.

So after ten weeks I'm down 19 pounds and at last measure, six inches from my waist. I've lost a taste for the garbage I used to subsist on, and I'm gaining pride in myself again. Oh, if you saw me on the street you'd think there was no reason anybody who looked like me should have any pride. But that's cool. I never cared what anybody thought and I still don't. I know how I'm doing, and I know people are out there to judge me. They often don't make any attempts to hide it. But I can lose the weight, they will never gain class.

So stay tuned to hear the continuing saga of The Incredible Shrinking Ass!

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