Friday, August 3, 2007

Back to Basics

So this week I tried the Weight Watchers Core plan. No tracking, no measuring, just eat until you are satisfied off a list of 'core' foods. Basically those are healthy, unprocessed, low fat high nutritional value foods. Eat until you are satisfied. Not stuffed, not full...just satisfied. Well that's ac oncept! You mean eating until you hurt is not a good habit?
I decided to try this because I was having a hard time fitting in all my points on the Flex program. I was eating when I wasnt hungry and eating beyond when I was full. I fully have faith in the research that Weight Watchers puts into their programs, but I felt like the points were too high for me. It gave me license to add in some less than healthy things to get my points jacked up. This is NOT what is going to help me win this battle in the long run.
So the first few days were fine. Then by the fourth day, I had these horrible, nagging urges to eat things I haven't wanted since I started Weight Watchers. And hungry like you wouldnt believe. I don't know if the urges where actual cravings, because perhaps I wasnt eating enough, or urges. Because on Flex, if I wanted Oreos, I could fit them in much more easily than I could on Core. So was that why I wanted stuff like that? Because I really couldn't have it?
I'm not entirely sure. My victory was that I did not give in to them. And the next few days they were gone.
So who knows what the scale will bring tomorrow with the change. I do have a fear I didnt eat enough, because of the whole points thing. But I know, no matter what that scale says, that I ROCKED it this week!

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