Monday, January 28, 2008

That must be so hard!

Twice today when people asked me about my weight loss (okay I was bragging about getting my 75lb award at my last Weight Watchers meeting), they said "wow, that's great. It must be so hard!)

Well, no, it really isn't.
Diets ARE hard. Im not on a diet. It would probably be incredibly hard if I knew that at the end of losing this weight I could go back to eating they way I used to. But I'm not doing that.

This is a total lifestyle change for me. From top to bottom, really. And maybe that's why Im not finding it that hard. This is just how I eat now. Lucky for me, I get to lose weight too! Do I always eat "perfectly"? No, but that's not real life, is it? Real life isn't about depriving yourself of everything at every opportunity. Its about picking and chosing when you want to indulge a little and doing it in moderation. Moderation is not a word I was all that familiar with in terms of food. But it's really almost easy to do now. It's kind of scary how easy.
Somebody posed the question "are you interested in this, or are you committed to this". I am committed!

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