Monday, January 21, 2008

Me vs. The elliptical

So I've gotten over my gym anxiety. At least for the gym I go to, which is a women's only facility. There is still no way in hell I'd walk into a Gold's Gym right now.
But anyway...back to the elliptical. So I kept eyeballing it. I get too bored on the bike, to be honest. But I decided I was just too darn fat to try the elliptical, and certainly everybody would laugh at me if I dared try it. But I wanted to. So I told myself once I get to a certain weight, I would try it then. Might I mention I was still a good 45lbs from that weight.
So as a way to keep myself accountable, I mentioned to my trainer that I wanted to try the elliptical one day, and why I wasnt going to now. We dont do any cardio together, just weight training, so I knew she wouldnt be able to make me do it.
But Mari is slick. (I have to remember what I say around her from now on!) She says "well, you do it when you're ready, but just remember to keep pushing yourself". Oh damn. That was Mari speak for "I dare you". And anybody who knows me knows I cannot walk away from a dare.
Fine. Whatever. Go for the jugular Mari.
So instead of walking to that dreary old recumbent bike, I got on the elliptical. I figured if I could go for 5 minutes I'd be happy. Yeah, I'd been doing cardio for longer than that on other things, but the elliptical finds muscles you never knew you had and makes sure you wont forget, for at least a week, that you have them.
So about three minutes into it, Mari sees me and gets a big ol grin on her face. She asked me how long I wanted to go, I told her five minutes. She says make it six. (By the way Mari, you're off MY clock now, so I don't have to listen to you!) Fine. Whatever. I made it 11 minutes! I was rather pleased.
So that was right before Thanksgiving.
This morning, and on Saturday, I did the elliptical. FOR AN HOUR. Oh yeah, one solid glorious hour!! I know to some people that's not a big deal. But I'd been working towards that and was so happy on Saturday when I did it. And Im not goin that slowly, either.

So this gym and working out thing. A few months ago, I was living by "Just Do It". Now I'm living by "Farther, faster, stronger, better". Who knew!?!

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