Sunday, January 20, 2008

What I hate more than mirrors and cameras?

Is going to a new doctor.
I had the most awesome doctor in California. He never made me feel like the cause of everything, including colds, was because I was fat. He never nagged me. He didn't ignore it, and brought it up when need be, but he never nagged me or made me feel like I wasn't worth his time and if I would just lose weight, my allergies would go away.
But Im in Texas now.
I found a doctor who I like here, and he's pretty cool that way too. Course it probably helped that on my first visit with him I'd already lost 40lbs and was there because I injured my foot exercising. Now his physician's assistant, on the other hand, I don't like. I avoid her. She was dripping with disdain for me and my fat and without a word handed me a diet plan. Bite me, you skinny bitch.
I see him again in a few weeks, and I hope to be at 75lbs total lost by then.
But tomorrow Im going for my yearly torture session to let somebody go spelunking into my woman parts. That sucks as it is. But it sucks even more when you're anticipating the whole weight talk. Im going to the gym after and thinking of showing up in my workout clothes. But maybe that's stupid.
I just have to remember, whatever their attitude is, that I know what I've accomplished.

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