Monday, February 4, 2008

The numbers don't lie...

I may have a hard time seeing my progress in those pictures, but I got something today in black and white. Irrefutable evidence I'm doing good things for my health.
I went for my physical today, and to get the results of my lab work. Which turned out to be with the physicians assistant who was kind of snotty the last time I saw her.
Anyway, from my last labs, prior to starting Weight Watchers and Core, my total cholesterol dropped 40 points! My triglycerides dropped 50 points, and my HDL went UP by just over 40 points. The physician's assistant was rather impressed I changed my numbers that much with diet and exercise! And to be honest, it felt like she had a little bit more respect for me.
My numbers were always good, but now they are FANTASTIC, in her words!