Thursday, March 13, 2008

Me vs. The Scale...part (oh goodness I've lost count!)

I've been stewing about this almost a week now.
Last week's weigh in I gained .4. Yes, I realize thats not even a pound. I realize it's not even half a pound. But it IS a gain. I dont like gains. Well not when I can't figure them out. I never like them, but at least if I know why it happened, I dont obsess about it.
This one I can't figure out. Other than that Im going on two weeks late for my period (and NO Im not pregnant. At least Im pretty sure Im not. There is always the possibility an Angel will come deliver a message to me that Im carrying the next immaculate conception. Not likely, but it has happened once before, so you never know!) But even during that time of the month, I dont gain. I just have very small losses.
So after that disappointment, I spend the weekend with relatives visiting from out of town, and ate basically every meal out for two days. I had salads at most meals, but I did have some Texas BBQ (in total moderation!). And I didnt get my normal workouts in those days.
So now I've got it in my head that my clothes are tight and Im going to have another gain. I don't have a scale at home, for a reason. I get, as you can see, rather obsessed with those stupid scales. If I had one at home I would be on it every day, multiple times a day. I learned last time around that was just crazy. So I dont have one. But I came very close to buying one this week. As much as I dont want the crazy, it sometimes drives me crazy not knowing what will happen at weigh ins.
What I am usually pretty accepting of, except this week, is the concept that if I do show a gain, so what? Just keep working the program and it will all be fine. I KNOW that. My head knows that. Most of the time my heart knows that. But not this week.
So if I gain on Saturday, what will that change? Nothing. It's not going to make me quit. It's not going to make me stop working out. It just means the scale won that battle, but I will win the war.
If I keep telling myself that this week, maybe I'll believe it.

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  1. Breath...take some can be something as simple as water retention from the BBQ.

    It's all good, and remember you have LOST more than .4 pounds!

    Keep up the good work,