Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This just in: I'm Happy!

You know, just saying that makes me smile.
It wasn't all that long ago that I had all but flushed my life down the toilet. I was caught in a depression that I functioned fairly well with for awhile, but it slowly slipped farther and farther away from being in control to being out of control. Oh, it's not like I decided to end things one day. It was far more subtle, the downslide. And sadly I didn't get the help I easily could have. I always thought I could turn it around (mind you I was already taking antidepressants and had been for years, so it wouldnt have been any big deal to go to my doctor and say 'hey, this isnt working anymore'.) In the end, I lost my job, I almost lost my house, but worst of all, I lost myself.
An opportunity arose to pick up and go to Florida to work on insurance claims for the hurricanes. I was scared to death, and needed a push to go, but I went. That was the beginning of reclaiming my life. I started to feel better very quickly and soon was off anti depressants altogether. After 8 months in Florida, I went home and packed up my house and moved to Texas. I have a new house, a new job, a whole new life here.
Happy enough to start the journey to becoming fit and healthy. And doing that has just made me happier. Its a vicious cycle of happiness!
I really look back and where I had let myself go to where I am now, and you know something? I'm rather impressed with myself!
But as impressed with myself as I am, I have to give credit to God for bestowing the blessings on me He has. The blessings of what I have now and the blessings of the struggles I went through and learned from. Awesome and amazing!

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  1. Your best post to date!

    I am happy for YOU!

    From one Texan to another...have a great weekend!