Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The World is NOT your phone booth

This has nothing to do with anything, except that I have to rant about it. So here it is...

An Open Letter to Cell Phone Abusers:

The world is not your phone booth. Perhaps you don't remember what phone booths are. They are booths, with a door. A door that you close. A door that you close so nobody else has to hear your conversation. Let me remind you...that means it kept your conversations PRIVATE. Why? Because nobody wants to hear it!! When you're sitting in the quiet calm of the gynecologists office where everybody else is quietly thumbing through magazines, you should NOT under ANY circumstances feel it's okay to whip out your phone to call the random family member and be a total pill to them, no matter how much they annoy you. And certainly you should use restraint and not hang up with the annoying family member and then call the City to complain about your water being shut off because you didnt pay your bill. Seriously, have some dignity. TAKE IT ELSEWHERE! You shouldn't feel comfortable blabbing about it in front of strangers and trust me, we arent comfortable hearing it.
When somebody stares at you while you're flapping your gums in tight quarters, you should by all means take that as the not-so-subtle hint it is meant to be. Hang it up or take it outside.
When you are at the gym, personally I think you should leave the damn thing in your locker. That's time to pay atttention to what you're doing. But should you find you are physically unable to remove the phone from your ear and must talk all through your "workout" (oh yes I use the term for what you are doing loosely), please get up off your duff from the equipment those of us there to actually workout are waiting for you to vacate so we can use . It's not a park bench. If I've waited five minutes for that machine, and you've done no reps, please consider the stare Im throwing your way a not-so-subtle hint to move it. If you are on a piece of cardio equipment and feel you must yell to be heard over the hum of the machine, consider that I, the girl three ellipticals down working up a decent heart rate, even with my headphones in, can hear you loud and clear.
If my family or friends and I are enjoying a nice relaxing dinner and you feel the need to conduct your business, personal or actual business, please know that we are not intersted in your latest deal or where you went shopping or who was doing who last night. We do not care. You do not impress us. You annoy us.
Please. Very little is that important it can't wait until you remove yourself to a more appropriate location. Consider respect for the people around you.
And if you can't respect us, take it down a notch in the volume, or better yet...SHUT UP ALTOGTHER.

Okay, I feel better now. We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

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