Friday, April 4, 2008

Caution: Having sunshine blown up your ass can be hazardous to your health!

Having people tell you what you want to hear is rarely a good thing. Unless what you want to hear happens to be the truth. But most of the time do we really ask people when we know the truth?
Don't tell me I look like I've lost weight if I haven't. Don't tell me the meal I made for you was delicious if you hated it. I don't want that from you. I will respect you more if you told me the truth.
Over on the message boards lately there has been a rash of people getting their knickers in quite a twist because they weren't told what they wanted to hear. Terribly sorry, but sometimes the truth sucks. By having people tell you otherwise is really not providing you any benefit. If you get incorrect information that reinforces bad choices it's only going to hurt you in the long run.

Yes we all need our egos stroked from time to time. My quest is to get that from within, not from others. And hey, if the truth happens to stroke my ego, that's great. If I'm feeling insecure and ask somebody what they think, I would much rather know I can count on them for the truth then having sunshine blown up my butt.

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  1. Hey Ginny:

    Just rejoined WW (for 400th time, but I already digress..) and I saw your post. Then, I could not believe it but you are from right here in Austin! Wow!

    Love NASCAR (alas, I was a Dale Sr. fan and it broke my heart when he died) but follow Junior now but am unhappy with him when he went over to the Dark Side.

    Give me an email at as I would love to correspond with a fellow Austinite/WW/NASCAR person!