Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I really hate not feeling good.

I hate not feeling good, I really do. I'm not a whiner, but I feel myself getting mopey.

I had surgery last Friday. It still hurts to walk. And I mean walking slowly. I hate sitting around. I take laps around the house (though Im not breaking any speed records) but I feel my butt spreading. Okay I really hope it's not spreading. I'm not eating much. In fact Im a little bit worried Im not eating enough. I can't help it if I haven't been very hungry. I'm doing my best to get the basic requirements in. But this sitting around. Im worried it will show up at the scale. Im resigned to it, there isn't much I can do about it if it does. No working out for at least another week and a half. Oh and the thought of doing any lower ab lifts when I do get cleared to go back? Makes me hurt thinking about it!
And tired! I guess Im one of those people that take awhile to get over general anesthesia. I did only have one nap today though (for two hours!)
You know what's scary? This used to be how I lived my life!!! I'm glad it doesn't feel good anymore!

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