Monday, April 21, 2008

Why is it always about the numbers?

I decided to do a little clothes shopping this weekend. I get told on a regular basis by my friends at work to stop wearing half my wardrobe, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on clothes I wont be wearing that long. But I do want some cuter clothes!

Let me say this. The sizing of clothes is enough to make your head spin. Men, you have no clue how easy you have it. 34inches is always 34inches. I've found there is absolutely ZERO consistency in women's sizes. None. And it can result in either an ego boost or a ego blow. One store I shop at, I can wear the 18/20 tops fairly consistently, with the occassional blip where thats too small. So thats where I start this weekend, at a different store. Too big. That was nice. I must have dropped a ton of inches last week! Oh, but the 18/20s from the other store still fit the same. I ordered some 18/20s online. Can't get them over my boobs. Damn, I must have gained a bunch of inches last week!
Here we go again, it's all about numbers. The number on the scale, and now the numbers in my clothing size. I know its silly, but if I don't fit in an 18/20, Im not going to buy it. Period. I don't care if the dimensions of the clothing are the same, I don't. I worked too hard to feel like I have to buy bigger sizes.
Are the clothing manufacturers in some great conspiracy to make us feel great or horrible, depending on their whim?
Sizes need to be standardized.

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  1. I second that motion! What a waste of time and emotional energy to try on something and then need to one up or one down it.