Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fightin' words

Uh oh. Red text. Somebody is pissed off. TAKE COVER WHILE YOU CAN!
I could really punch somebody right now. If this had taken place at a Weight Watchers meeting I would have to take somebody out to the parking lot and roll 'em. But it didn't, it happened on a message board. A Weight Watchers message board, of course.
So here's the 411. Somebody made a post about their rate of weight loss on Core. One of the replies was a woman sharing her thoughts. Which included the fact that she loses very slowly. Somebody at her meeting suggest she switch to the Flex program. So far so good. Then the poster throws in that the woman who made the suggestion had "a bum as big as a house".
Where shall I start. First off, this IS WEIGHT WATCHERS. How can you bring your fat prejudice to a WEIGHT WATCHERS forum? I realize most people have no problem with fat bashing. It's one of the last acceptable forms of discrimination. But at WEIGHT WATCHERS? Are you KIDDING ME? I'm telling you if this comment had been made in person this scrappy broad would take care of business.
So first off, this woman is bigotted against fat people. And she thinks fat people have no valid points to share. I'm truly not setting out to cure people of their various (stupid) preconceived notions about people of other races, religions, sexual orientation or body type. If you want to believe that way, that's your prerogative. But why do you have to take it to a place where those people go not only to take care of the problem that you find so offensive, but a place where they should feel safe from the persecution that has likely driven them TO FOOD most of their lives?
So you think I have little value because Im fat. Well, I think you have little value because you're an idiot. And Im losing weight. Point-ME!
Oh by the way she also went on to assume that this woman she encountered (at WEIGHT WATCHERS) does not eat healthy. Not because of the plan she was doing. No, because she her 'bum was as big as a house'. And from that you can judge how this woman eats? Clueless, really.
I am fightin mad. I really am. I will not sit idly by when comments like this are made.
Im fat. Im proud of who I am, PERIOD. AND IM LOUD.
So lady, you can KISS MY ASS. It won't be hard to find. It is big as a house, after all.


  1. You know what? You inspire ME. And you have every right to feel that anger. My bum might be as big as a house, Mary's thighs might be like an elephant's. Jane's arms might sway in the wind long after she's stopped waving. But I want you to know that you inspire so many people. And you have a big...heart :) Your fellow WW gal kg1021

  2. Ginny, you are beautiful! You have made amazing progress. You inspire me on the Core Board!


  3. Ginny, good for you! I am so sick of the stereotypes about overweight people. Obviously, we want to do something about it. We should be supporting each other, not belittling each other.

    You rock! Thanks for taking up the battle.

  4. She can kiss my "not so fat" ass also.


  5. You go girl. That womens comment shows me how small her mind is. Don't give people like that your valuable time and energy. You look wonderful. You inspire me.

    Decoson/Whittier, CA

  6. I kinda wanna know who it is now. :-)