Saturday, May 24, 2008

My "success" story...part one

WW is having a contest for success stories. I am not even sure I'm allowed to enter yet since I'm not at goal. (If that turns out to be true that will inspire a whole other post!!) And even if I am allowed to enter, the likelihood of anybody seeing my essay is pretty slim. So I figured rather than let it go to waste (since I did labor over it a bit), I'll post it here.

Why am I calling this post "part one"? Well obviously I have not reached my goal yet. But I do feel like a success. I've worked hard to get this far!

The entry has to be 400 words or less, and it's hard to say everything I want to in 400 words. I could write a book! So here it is (and in case I DO get to enter, any feedback would be appreciated!):

People often comment how hard it must have been to lose this weight, but they never expect my answer: no it hasn't. Hard was realizing I had spent my entire life in search of comfort, validation and acceptance from food. Hard was realizing I was gambling with my health. Once I decided to truly make a lifestyle change, losing the weight has not been that hard. Yes, I've had challenges, but Weight Watchers has given me the tools I need to face those challenges. Through my inner resolve, along with inspiration and encouragement from my friends on the Weight Watchers message boards, I have been able to put those tools into practice.

I chose Weight Watchers because I knew to fix a lifetime of bad habits I didn't need a quick fix. I didn't need a diet. I needed to learn to change my lifestyle as it related to food and exercise. I knew I would find that at Weight Watchers, along with tons of support and encouragement. I have learned to relate to food in a healthy way. The Core Plan has taught me how to listen to my body, something I had no regard for in the past. I wasn't sure I could learn how to eat when I was hungry and stop when I was satisfied. I was more used to eating whenever the mood struck and stopping when it hurt!

I used to say I didn't like exercise, it would be something I would do because I needed to, but I wouldn't have to like it! Boy did that turn out to be wrong! I love working out and adding more activity to my life. My reward for losing 50lbs was to hire a personal trainer!

The biggest thing that inspires me on my journey to become fit and healthy is for the first time in my life, I truly believe I am worth doing it for!

Though I am not at goal, my life and health have seen many changes. My doctor couldn't believe how much I reduced my LDL and Triglycerides and increased my HDL simply through changing how I ate and exercising. I have more energy. And I am truly happier!

I am grateful that coming to Weight Watchers has given me my life back. There is no stopping me now!


  1. Awesome! I hope they do choose you! If you can do this, so can I, right? My concept of what is hard needs adjustment. I prefer yours :).

  2. You rock! This is an excellent story for the Success Stories, and you tell it just beautifully. You're very good at putting into words what I feel inside me, and just haven't figured out how to verbalize.