Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Doomsday has arrived...

Tomorrow will be my last session with my current trainer, Mari The Rock Star. (Yes, that's her full name.) I've had time to prepare for this and to be honest, aside from deciding to sign up with one of the other trainers at my gym, I've blocked this out of my head. I actually should get up right now and pack my glasses in my gym bag, because there's a good chance my contact will be toast before we even get started training.

Back in the beginning of my journey to get fit and healthy, after I decided to start doing little weights at home and my arms hurt for the next week, I joked with my Weight Watchers leader that everytime those muscles let me know how sore they were, I thought about her (and not in a good way.) It wasn't too long after that I started training with Mari. I told my Weight Watchers leader that she was off the hook, because I hired a professional to hate.

But I never did hate Mari. Even when she started making me do squats and it hurt just trying to sit on the toilet. Even when she tried to make me look in the mirror while working out. Not when she challenged me to get my fat butt on the elliptical even though I thought I was still too fat to try. Not even when she tried to get me to do things 24 times, knowing how much I hate the number 24. And not even when we did abs on the floor.

It's hard to hate somebody who seems genuinely concerned with her clients and how they're doing. It's hard to hate somebody who never ever EVER made you feel you weren't worth her time as a trainer because you were the biggest person in the gym. And its hard to hate somebody who knows how to make you keep challenging yourself without brow beating you. It's hard to hate somebody who inspires you with her words, her actions, and her own story of her personal path to become fit and healthy. Its just not even possible to hate somebody who has stuck with you, your limitations, your sometimes whiney attitude, and your hang ups and utter lack of self confidence when she has helped you become stronger, healthier, and helped you realize you have the mental strength and drive to acheive ALL your goals.

I'm sure going to miss her.

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  1. Hi Ginny, it's Sue(soopey)from the WW Core Board.

    Your blog is great and your journey has been amazing. You've come so far.

    Doing abs on the floor with my trainer was always a problem for me too. We used to work out in an empty aerobics room. I used to wear leggings all the time. God forbid I wore a pair of shorts, even on 100 degree days. Once, there was a class going on and we had to go out on the floor. At almost 300 lbs I was your beached whale's twin. But like you, I realized not one looked, no one cared. Now I wear shorts all the time, and I don't care where we work out. I do jumping jacks, I do the elliptical and I get on the floor for abs. I realized my body is more important to me than to anyone else.

    Keep up the good work. You're doing great. You are a wonderful inspiration.