Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How many crayons are in your box?

And more importantly, how many do you actually use?

I think most of us have at least 64 colors in our box. But it seems like people so often get used to the same two or three and just keep using those over and over. And always staying within the lines.

Well I say POO to that. I want to test out all my colors. And no more staying within the lines and doing what's expected. I'm more than that.

What the hell is this girl talking about, you ask?

I just think people, including me, need to spend more time exploring the wonderful layers and colors of their personalities. I see people who are virtually the same, day in and day out. How can that be? They aren't using enough colors. Explore your box a little!!

Today, I'm magenta!


  1. OH Jeebus?! Same color? Every day? Yikes! I change colors by the hour!

    Viva Change!

  2. I think today the people got a taste of the real Patti. Generally I'm not an all that nice person (just means I'm horribly honest and straightforward, comes off as mean) and I'm PMSing, which isn't good when I'm working with a bunch or idiots sometimes. So they got to see my mean side. I blamed it on the headache.

    Normally you get bland old be nice and pleasing Patti because that's how the game is played.

    But you know what you said, and I had this in my quote for a while but no one got it, but you're describing what I call "Defying Gravity." If you've seen Wicked that's precisely what she meant when she said she was going to defy gravity. Staying within the lines, living by others' rules can only bring a person down. Gots to live by your rules.

    Today I'm red (Because I'm crabby)

  3. Wow, I just finished reading your blog, yes all of it and I'm hooked. I love your insights and honesty. Your progress is inspiring. But what I really need to know is did you smile at the dude from work???

  4. 64 colors of PINK crayons??!! :) Today I'm yellow - I'm happy, I just planted a bunch of flowers in the yard and now I'm going to go paint my room a pretty color instead of the khaki green it is!

  5. I am really enjoying your writing here. You have great style!