Friday, August 22, 2008

An Open Letter to People Who Have Pizza Delivered to a GYM!

Dear Massage Therapist Lady at the Gym:

You did realize you were working in the lobby of a gym today, right? You do realize that ordering a pizza to the gym is, well, a little off-putting to some of the people actually at the gym to bust their asses into shape, right? Okay so you were hungry. But you did sit IN THE LOBBY of the gym to eat said pizza. You do realize those of us there pushing weights around could smell it, right? Sure you did. You realized all of those things but couldn't have cared less.

I do realize the world doesn't revolve around MY needs and expectations. However I do try to be at least cognizant of the world around me and be respectful of it. I wouldn't sit in the lobby of an AA meeting with a big bottle of Crown and start drinking it, just because I wasn't an alcoholic.

Don't think I won't be mentioning this to the gym manager, either. It's unprofessional for you to have been sitting IN THE LOBBY stuffing your pie hole. I realize you might get hungry, but at least next time bring an apple with you.


  1. Yeah! And on a Friday night, when we made the HEALTHY CHOICE to be sweating our asses off at the gym instead of out at a PIZZA PLACE!!

    So uncool.

  2. I used to go to your same gym...I don't anymore, but I do not have one single problem writing a note too. Like you said, if she was hungy, no biggie, but she knew she was going to be there, she could have packed a lunch OR left the gym to eat. So dumb. It's really selfish to think it wouldn't bother anyone....I also think it's rude to eat any strong smelling foods in a shared space for the same reason perfume is bad in small offices. You never know who has allergies etc. Remind me to find out who she is so I can make sure I never use her.

  3. A gym is a place to exercise and workout...NOT EAT! That would totally bug me...and yes I would mentioning it to the manager!