Friday, October 31, 2008

As the Race for the Cure approaches....

It's Friday night, just winding down before bedtime and the start of the weekend.

On Sunday, I'll be doing the Race for the Cure. Doing this race is so important to me this year. Partly just because my fat ass is doing something like this, and that's pretty cool when I consider a year ago I would have told you to put the crack pipe down if you'd suggested I'd ever do such a thing.

But more than that, doing it this year is a must. My friend Elison lost her battle with breast cancer earlier this year. Elison died way too young from this sickening disease.

I hurt my leg a few weeks ago, but it got better. Then it flared up Tuesday, but was better by this morning. Well, it flared up again today (when I was goofing off like an idiot!) I don't care. I'm doing the race. And if it starts to hurt, I'm going to think of what a complete baby I am complaining about pain in my leg compared to what Elison went through. If I'm tired, I'll remember that I get to recover from my fatigue. Elison didn't recover from breast cancer.

We had the opportunity to put names of breast cancer victims and survivors on our race t-shirts for my gym. I submitted two names, one was Elisons. Neither name made it on the shirt. I almost had a melt down. When my leg flared up and I considered not being able to do the race, I felt another melt down coming on. But I stopped it with a simple decision: I will not sit this race out. No way.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and that you have been having trouble with your leg. Please take care of it and be good to yourself. I did the Race for the Cure (just the one mile fun walk) with my mom in August. She is a breast cancer survivor, as are several of her friends. I'm sorry your friend's name didn't make it onto the shirt, but they usually give you a paper to pin to your race number that you can write her name on and wear it that day. I hope that they do that where you live. Take care!

  2. It's a devastating disease and too many lives are lost from it.

    I'm so impressed that you're out for a race today. This is just fantastic!

    I do hope your leg gets better. Don't force yourself too much!

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