Saturday, November 15, 2008 are hard core!

Did you catch that? HARD CORE!! That's what somebody said to me when I told her about the newest exercise my Evil Angel Karen had me do. (And I have to admit, it was kinda cool. But don't tell Karen I said that. This post has an Evil Karen Invisibility Cloak on it so she can't see it.) It was pushups using a medicine ball. But that's really beside the point.
If you read back, you'll see where I actually said in a post that I wanted people to think "that girl is hard core". Now I realize the world at large doesnt yet think that. But ONE person did. And that was pretty cool to me!


  1. I can testify - I just did a 5k with you, jankety leg and all. So count me in for the GINNY IS HARDCORE fan club.

  2. Sorry dear that invisibility cloak didn't work. It's nice to know that you kinda like it HARD CORE because we've only just begun!


    Love ya,
    The Evil One

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