Monday, November 17, 2008

Hello. I'm fattarded.

Yep. Fattarded.
So it's hilarious enough that people keep asking if Jessica and I are sisters. Scroll back and look at her picture, then look at mine. I personally don't think we bear any resemblance at all. Other than the fact that we're both heavier than we'd like to be. this lady at the gym and I ended up at the drinking fountains together after the cardio funk class we both just took. The most I've ever really said to her before was "hello" or "excuse me" as we pass in the locker room. So she looks at me and says "So how is your look-alike?" I stood there a little perplexed for a second. Oh wait, she means Jessica!!! (Which is odd that she'd ask how she was, considering we all just spent the previous hour shaking our groove things...but whatever.)

So then she starts talking about Jessica and I coming to the gym in a way that I'm sure SHE thought was supportive and encouraging, but in reality was just plain condescending. Like she was saying "how special it is that you can come work out, being so fat and all." Like it's so challenging just for the fattarded kids to make it from the car to the gym.

Come on! We are there doing the exact same thing she's doing (except with less sex-with-herself-in-the-mirror time.)


  1. LOL@ fattarded & mirror comment. My cackle has now woken the neighbours!

    Hello my long-lost-thought-process-twin :P Don't be like me and pick apart everything people say. It's hard I know, lol.

    She was making awkward small talk. She's really just trying to say "it's great that you have a gym buddy".

    I know, I'd rather people not say anything at all and STFU but I have to remind myself too that there isn't always malicious intent behind a comment- my blog name was created because of my sensitivity to people commenting on my weight loss showing in my face. I could vent on that one for hours.

    You're hilarious & awesome.

  2. Fattarded, indeed! I'm going to use that word from now on, when people make assumptions about my lifestyle based on my weight.

  3. I don't know why you're trying to deny your long-lost twinkie... born a few years after you... halfway across the country... from another vajayjay.

    I'll admit you have a much cuter smile and a MUCH bigger rack than me, but otherwise we're completely interchangeable. (OK, you're right - I do have more sets of hips than you. We're fraternal twinkies.)

    So let's put on our matching helmets and get our fattarded butts to the gym... and hope the puppies stay outside and the young children stay in the daycare!

    All my love,
    Your look-alike

  4. you lost me at the fact you have the balls :) to take the cardio funk class.

    will you come here and drag my kindafrightenedarse with you??

  5. Oh please tell me you showed her some special kick your ass cardio...LOL.

    She is just a small minded idiot. You are doing so great. Yup you are an inspiration to me.