Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Your face is so pretty!!"

I am back home in California this week for Christmas. Yesterday I had lunch with some of my old friends, and this morning I went back to the office where I had worked for 15 years to say hello to some people. A recurring thing I kept hearing (along with "so when did you have the (weight loss) surgery?") was "your face is so pretty."
First, please understand how incredibly uncomfortable that kinda stuff makes me. I generally choose to ignore it but have learned to at least politely mutter "thank you."

But here's what I started thinking about, after having heard that over and over... Why are they saying this now? I agree that my face is less fat, but is it really that different?

Or is it that I'm so so much happier now and that shows on my face, translating to the outside world as "pretty"?


  1. "Or is it that I'm so so much happier now and that shows on my face, translating to the outside world as "pretty"? "

    ^^ I think the above is why ... when you're happy people can see it.

  2. I think it could be both! I like the way my face looks now more than 23 lbs. ago, even if I'm the same exact person!

    You are doing a great job. Don't let the compliments backhand you! Just take them and move along!

  3. I agree with the combo of both. People always look so much younger to me when they lose weight - you're positively glowing dear with fabulous highlights, if I say so myself.

    I use to hate the compliments too, but now I do a little side grin, bat my eyes and say thank you. Try it, it's fun!

  4. Don't you just love how we go from "your face would so pretty if you would just lose weight" to "oh my your are so beautiful"?

    Just ignore them. They think they are giving you a compliment, when they should just simply say "you're doing a great job."

  5. I did not see you in the office.. But I agree.. Your happiness shines through and as for the SX comment, remember that some take the easy route and the Ginny I know takes the safer smarter route. I can accidently trip people if you need me too. lol. It was great seeing you and I'm glad we have been able to keep in touch. Rock on!!!

  6. Yes, you absolutely look THAT different.... That's one of the goals, right?

    Let 'em fawn all over you. It's about damn time!

  7. Sometimes we ourself can not see the difference, are change evoles daily; but, for those who haven't seen you in awhile, they see it. You do have a pretty face, your complexion is smooth, hydrated and has a glow about it. What you have accomplished shows in every way.