Friday, January 30, 2009

Why does it matter so much?

So for quite awhile now I've been planning to "lose" my photo badge for work and driver's license. But I figured I'd do that when I got to the big 1-5-0. I've been talking about this a lot. I couldn't wait to get new pictures!
Well, a few days ago my work badge broke in half. Okay its a few pounds ahead of schedule, but I was actually filled with glee. Yes, glee. I can get a new picture!!

No such luck. They refused to take my picture over. Silly me, I thought the idea of a PHOTO ID is so that they could identify you based on the picture. Trust me when I tell you that I don't look like that anymore. Silly, silly me. The dude who made the new badge even said "Wow that doesn't look like you at all." Uh, yeah.... And not only did I not get a new picture, they now use pictures twice the size of the old one. Gross.

I admit it, I had a bit of a meltdown. Tears and everything. I have been waiting for new badge day for a long time. My co-worker and friend had heard me talking about "losing" my badge for a long time. She tried her best to make me feel better.

To which I took the pieces of my old badge, hurled it on the floor, and half-yelled "I HATE HER. I don't want to be reminded of her forever." Yep, I said that. Her reply was something along the lines of 'she will always be part of you, you can't be who you are now without having been her.'

I know that's right, and really I don't hate her. Much. Maybe a little.


  1. So I've been thinking... maybe our strategery should be to put a sticker of Britney Spears over your pic. And when a higher-up gives you crap about it, you can remind them that you're CLOSER TO HER SIZE THAN THE GIRL IN THE PIC UNDERNEATH!

    Because you are, baby. Own it.

  2. I can't believe that they wouldn't take a new photo. I would think in the interest of security, which a badge is supposed to be, that they would take a picture that represented you accurately.

    I have been fantasizing about getting a new badge too. My picture is so awful. If I was told that I could not change it, I would make a big stink. I would work my way up the ladder from the badge office and state that I want a badge that accurately represents me and that having a badge that doesn't look like me is pretty much worthless for identification.

    That's just me, but I understand that had to feel awful.

  3. If it was lost, then they would have to take a new picture.

  4. I'm a tad smarter than the average bear....even losing it wont do the trick...all the photos are stored in the computer...

  5. that sucks!!! Your coworker has an excellent point though! :)

    just blog hopping and passed by yours

  6. I would raise a total stink!!! It's not like it's going to cost them a ton of dollars to change the photo! I had the same thing happen to me at the law firm I used to work for....I told them I would pay for the new photo or the price of a new badge...they didn't have anything to say after that. That was the best $15.00 I ever spent! Sounds like some tech person is just being a lazy butt!

    BTW...I love that inner peace quote!! I may have to use that one!