Saturday, February 7, 2009

They're just messing with your peace....

I heard two things this week that struck me very deeply. Neither was said directly to me. But still, both things struck a chord.

One was "You can come up with a million excuses, but I'll bet you can't come up with one reason." That's pretty self explanatory, so I'll leave it alone.

The other thing was said to a friend (The Most Awesome Jess) when she was talking to one of the gym instructors about a (stupid) comment that was made to her. And the instructor said something like "they're just trying to mess with your peace." Wow.
I mean, wow. I want to stitch that on a pillow. I'm going to print it out and put it at work and on my fridge. Because that really hits me. Especially lately with how frustrated I've been at feeling like a freak show. But it applies really to every aspect of life.

I have worked WAY too hard to get where I am, both physically and emotionally, to let some random people (and even people not so random) "mess with my peace".
And the thing is, they can say what they want. They may not intend for their words to rattle me. Or they may. Or they may just be rude people who just give looks. Whatever it is, I cannot let them take away any of the peace I've made with myself. And sadly, over the last few months I've let that happen. I realized it when I heard those words. It was as if they had been said directly to me.

So whatever you run up against, realize people are trying to mess with your peace. Don't let them.


  1. How funny - I've been waiting for you to pop online today to discuss something like this that just happened to me - I needed to see that, that someone is just messing with my peace. Basically a 17 year old wound would just ripped open and it's just as raw as it was then..... I'm fighting not telling two people off....

  2. That girl is full of gem-like advice.... my former favorite before this one is "work with intention, not with tension." WOW.

  3. My favorite version of this has always been "illegitimus non carborundum" -- don't let the b*st*rds get you down.

    This version is much nicer though.