Sunday, March 15, 2009

When I grow up...

I want to be a personal trainer.

(Pausing to let you all get the chuckles out of your system.)

I want to be able to inspire and motivate people as much as Karen and Mari have inspired and motivated me. I am living proof you can do more than you ever believed you'd ever be capable of, with the right cheerleaders in your corner.

It's a little weird to say I'd like to be a trainer so publicly, because I still think it's a ridiculously silly idea. But its in my head.


  1. Not ridiculous at all. Why do you think personal trainers train? Because they love to inspire people too! Follow your dream!

  2. Just a comment from your token lurker here---I don't think its silly at all. I think you would rock at it. Like you said in another post---you can't be BSed, you certainly know that results takes both intensity and perseverance, and you've been in the shoes of someone who has had a long way to go, someone who has been pushed to test and break their own limits, someone who has been frustrated by plateaus and someone who has really walked the walk! I think those qualities would make a great trainer!

  3. Exactly why I quit everything to be a teacher. :-)


    p.s. I'd be a little afraid of you training me only b/c I know you'd kick my a$$

  4. I don't think it's funny at all. I think you would make a great personal trainer. You do inspire people even now, even though you are not a personal trainer. You go girl.

  5. You are ao insightful....and funny. Your weight loss is amazing. Glad I found you!