Saturday, November 21, 2009

Obstacles or Opportunities?

Today started out pretty well. I had to do a repeat sleep study last night to see if I still had sleep apnea and needed to use a CPAP. Sleep apnea was one of the few concrete manifestations that all that extra weight was hard on my body. I wanted to wait to re-do the sleep study until I had lost "enough" weight. (Feel free to roll your eyes here.) I just didn't want to have to keep doing these studies if, realistically, the fact that I'm still this heavy would likely mean the sleep apnea was still hanging around. But, I gave in to my doctor (this time) and went for the study. Although they can't tell me the official results yet, I am quite certain since they never came in for "part two", where they calibrate what your cpap settings should be, that I no longer need one! (I did get the tech to smile and nod her head at my assumption.)

But then I drove 45 minutes to get to my Weight Watchers meeting. The scale was unkind. Terribly unkind. And not all of it unfairly, I admit. But I took it as a crushing blow. I cried a little bit when my friend got to the meeting. I started to feel the tiniest bit hopeless.

I came home, tearing up off and on. I let myself feel it. Then I gave it a time limit. I can sit around and be mad, sad, full of self doubt, whatever it needed to be. Until time was up.

I believe people, events, situations, etc. are put in our lives on purpose. Nothing is random. I don't think so, anyway.

So the question is, these people, events and situations--they can be pleasant or unpleasant. Either way, we have a choice. We can make them opportunities or obstacles. It's all how we play it.

I'm choosing opportunity.

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  1. A big 'Yes!' to the sleep study and another one for getting to your meeting and dealing with this part of your journey. Moving forward is what we can control.