Thursday, January 14, 2010

Changing habits is the easy part...

Changing habits is the easy part. Changing your identity is where things get tough. I'm not talking about getting a fake ID, new social security number and entering the witness protection program. That, in comparison, is a piece of cake. Changing how you think of yourself (and how you think the world sees you) is hard work! It's going to be my biggest challenge, by far. Definitely three steps forward and two-and-a-half steps back. Okay sometimes three steps back. I won't speak for everybody, but I can say that for myself, there is no way this is ever going to be an issue that won't keep creeping back. I feel like I have to leave this post incomplete, because I don't know the answer. I have found myself thinking a lot the last few days about why I have some of the core beliefs that I do. It's good to recognize it, I guess, but it's also good to recognize when it's time to put the period on the end of some of those sentences.

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