Sunday, February 21, 2010

The REAL reason you can't lose weight.

I was at the bookstore today and picked up Fitness magazine. (And I still can't do it without looking around and wondering what people who might see me do it are thinking. Oh well!) But one of cover stories that caught my eye was "The REAL reason your diet's not working". Naturally I was intrigued. And honestly, I was fully expecting it to be full of information on what you should eat and how you should eat it. It wasn't that at all. I'm going to share it here, without permission, so it's very paraphrased. It's worth picking up the magazine and reading the full article. (And many of the themes are topics that you'll recognize from previous posts here.

So here we go:

--YOU GIVE UP TOO SOON: Bottom line, it's a problem of looking for a quick fix and quick results and if you don't see them, you bail. Or in order to see the quick results you do things you can't sustain over the long haul. (At Weight Watchers we call that being on a diet, and diet's don't work. Life style changes work. )

--YOU'RE AFRAID TO FAIL: Bottom line, if you've failed before, you're worried of failing again. And may subconsciously set yourself up to do just that.

--YOU'RE AFRAID OF CHANGE: Bottom line: the old habits are a comfort, they're predictable. And you self yourself short of what you can accomplish.

--SUCCESS MAKES YOU ANXIOUS: Bottom line, we assume life will be different when we're at goal, and that can be unnerving.

--YOU CAN'T FACE YOUR FEELINGS: Bottom line, there's likely an emotional reason you put the weight on in the first place, and you don't deal with that issue as you lose weight.

Truly, that is a bare bones, stripped down version of that article. If I had the time and patience to track down getting permission, I'd post the whole article. In the meantime, go buy the magazine, or read the article at the bookstore. It's probably the most honest assessment I've seen. And I read a lot of these magazines!


  1. Sounds like a great article. I see my own issues in there.

  2. Yep... seems like good stuff. I think that the thing that rings most true with me is being afraid to fail. I mean, I have failed spectacularly in the past.... so why not this time.

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