Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Thoughts....

--Southwest Airlines: I'm going back home in a few weeks. I'm flying Southwest, and I'm nervous about it. Granted, I'm 110lbs smaller than the last time I flew Southwest, and although everybody keeps telling me I'm worried for no reason, I am. Let's be real: I am FAT. I am trying to prepare myself for how they could potentially treat me, but there is never a way to get around the absolute humiliation of being called out publicly as being the fat girl.

--What's worse than the "I" word?: The "S" word. Skinny. I cannot tell you just how much I hate it when people call me skinny. Give me a break. Again, they think they're being nice and supportive, but let's be real one more time. I am FAR from skinny. I am obese, people. To call me skinny feels condescending, patronizing and like I'm being mocked. Until such time as I am clinically underweight (which will probably never happen), please do not call me skinny. Even if it rhymes with my name.

--Why I hate The Biggest Loser: It may be classified as reality television, but it is far from realistic. Unless you are so independently wealthy that you can afford to hire a trainer and work out for 8 hours a day, every day. And people to supply all your meals. And live in a controlled environment. If you do, then go ahead and berate yourself for ONLY losing 6lbs in a week.

--I have no "interesting chapter": I saw a commercial recently (promoting travel to Louisiana) that included the line "Make your you have at least one interesting chapter in your biography." Great concept. Except that I have no interesting chapters. My life is pretty darn ordinary, run of the mill. With no prospects of interesting. I'll have to work on that.

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