Monday, October 4, 2010

The battle rages on....

The battle for control of my thoughts rages on. I thought I had worked up my confidence level quite a bit as far as being ready to be a personal trainer. And now that I have an appointment to interview with the owner of the gym, I realize that confidence is nowhere near where I thought it was. At least for tonight it's not.

It's times like this my past comes back to haunt me. My past self, that is. That girl may have been lazy, but she's pretty smart about waiting for just the right opportunity to attempt to get control of my thoughts. She knows my vulnerabilities better than anybody, and she has no problem attempting to exploit them. All why I hate her so much.

I'm sitting here trying not to completely curl up into a ball like a pill bug. Tomorrow I will wake up and get back to the business of believing in myself.

Tonight, I just need to cry.


  1. Cry it out girl! Tomorrow is a new day. My past self is always talking to shit to me too. She is the bane of my excistence. Sometime it's really is a battle.

    Feel better!

  2. and its tomorrow.

    IM A BIG FAN of embracing the craptastic feelings and moving on.

    here's hoping today you are ready for a weeeeee bit of movement?