Saturday, October 2, 2010

Half the girl I used to be..

It's official. As of today's weigh in, I am officially half the girl I used to be.
Yes, half. HALF! I have lost 50% of my starting weight when I joined Weight Watchers. They don't give you any kind of official recognition for that. Why? I also have now lost 177.something pounds. Weight Watchers also doesn't have actual "medals" (or discs, washers, whatever you want to call them) for milestones above 100lbs. But my leader gives me the repeats anyway.

Why do they not have actual recognition for those things? Because it's pretty rare, I suppose, that members lose that much weight. Well, perhaps rare isn't the right word. It makes sense for them to make medals for 25lbs, 50lbs, up to 100lbs, because they have higher numbers of people who achieve those milestones. They have comparatively few people who do what I've done, so they don't bother. Yes, it's another thing that bothers me about how Weight Watchers corporately views me. But guess what. I don't care!

It just reminds me that what I've done is pretty darn spectacular. I know not everybody thinks losing half your body weight is a big deal. I even cried a little bit at the underwhelming response from my friends.

But guess what? I don't care. Because what I've done IS pretty darn spectacular. Somebody even said to me last night at a friend's birthday dinner, "I don't know anybody who's lost that much weight without surgery!" Yup. All down, dirty and gritty hard work.

Not even my mother could say she was proud of me. But guess what? I don't care.
Because what I've done IS pretty spectacular. And I'M proud. Even if nobody else thinks it's a big deal. It is. It's a huge deal. If you know how much work this has taken, you'd know exactly how big.

I have done something pretty spectacular. I'M pretty darn spectacular. And if that sounds conceited, guess what?


I earned this.

(Oh, and I'll be taking my next progress pictures soon!)


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog..I laffed, cried, fussed and fumed while reading each yrs progress.Your determination is awesome..why I will even say BADASS!

  2. You are incredible!! I don't even know you and I'm proud of you! You're post here and on WW have encouraged me soo much tonight knowing that it IS possible for me to lose 150+. Thank you. And Congratulations on all your hard work!!!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. WOOHOO!!!!! I think that is amazing.

  5. I think you are incredible, amazing and inspirational, and I don't even know you. You go, woman!!! You are a force of nature.

  6. I think you are spectacular too. Wish you were in TOPS you would have earned yourself a crown *smile* and you would have deserved it :)

    Some how found my way to your blog today so have read a few of our posts.

    I've thought about the personal trainer thing but don't think I'm that brave.