Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's my secret?

In the last week two people, at the gym no less, have stopped to ask me what my secret is. Im not entirely sure how to answer that without being a smart ass. I have no secret. Really. I don't take special weight loss pills. I don't eat only grapefruit one day a week. Oh, but here's a secret: I do eat after 6pm. Oh, here's another one: I eat carbs. Yup. Sometimes even refined sugar type carbs. Oh the HORROR!!

I say people have to find what works for them. (I'll save the Weight Watchers "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle" lecture--although I'm pretty adamant about that concept being the best approach.) And what works for me is pretty much the "KISS" approach. Keep it simple, stupid. Simple for me is the basics: make healthy food choices most of the time. Be aware of what I'm actually eating. Exercise. That is my secret. Oh, and forgive my trespasses. That's a secret learned the hard way.

So now that my secrets are out of the bag, here's a list of products I will consider endorsing, though I'm pretty sure I won't get the same kind of deal Jared has with Subway and I'll have to keep my day job:

--apples (but only Pink Lady...I have my standards!)
--my feet/hand/legs/arms
--music (I'd gladly take an endorsement deal with Eminem or Foo Fighters)

You get the picture.

On a corporate level there are a tiny select few.
--Speir Fitness (But I'd do that for free!)
--Weight Watchers, if and only if, I could sit down with the CEO and convince him that corporately Weight Watcher's view of success is pretty lame. Im not really sure I could endorse a company that canonizes a certain accomplishment and until such time as you achieve that, they really seem to not consider you successful. But that's another post altogether.

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