Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Blahs

The last few days I have had to force myself to plan ahead for my meals and actually eat them. It's not that I wanted to eat something "bad", I just didnt want to eat at all. That is one of my many bad habits. I can go all day without eating and not be hungry. Then I'd start grazing. And trust me, I dont graze on grass or baby carrots or broccoli. No, grazing is best done with crackers. Maybe a little cheese. Toast. That's a good one. With lots of butter.

I'm trying really hard not to eat much processed food, even if its healthy processed food. But I do have a supply of easy things that take no effort and little thought, like frozen Weight Watchers dinners or tuna filets in pouches. And frozen vegetables.

The past few days my only dieting sin has been not feeling the 'umph' factor I have since I started. But I am applauding myself because despite that, despite my being tired or stressed or in serious pain, all of which I have been in the last three days, I have stayed with it and not gone back to the bad habits. For those fleeting moments when the little voice in my head tells me I can't do this, I just think of the alternative. And that is a scary thing. I don't want to know how much more fat I can squeeze onto this frame.

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