Saturday, December 29, 2007

On Cloud Nine!

I've been bad...I haven't posted in a while. Shame on me. I haven't given up. Not by far.

Today the best thing happened. I went to return something without a receipt, and the cashier asked to see my driver's license. I handed it over, and she got real quiet for a few moments, then started freaking out. "I can't believe that's you! I didn't think that was your license at first! You look so different!" Then she proceeds to show my license to everybody else! This lady didnt know me at all but she really made my year.
I've lost just under 70 pounds, and so far, nobody has noticed (except family and one good friend). Or if they've noticed, they haven't said anything. So she really had me on Cloud Nine!

So no, I haven't given up. I'm going strong. And speaking of strong, not only am I actually going to the gym regularly, I have been working with a personal trainer. Who AM I? I am almost reluctant to admit I'm really starting to enjoy working out. I don't get that endorphin rush people talk about, but I just feel good that I've done it, and pushed myself. When I look at the amount of weight I can lift, Im shocked. And pleased. Maybe I have a future in the Ms Olympia contest! HA!

And since the holiday season started (with Halloween), which for me included two vacations and a week long family visit with lots of eating out, I have lost weight every single week. That includes losing after going to New Orleans, which is something of a dieter's nightmare.

So I close out 2007 down 69 pounds. Not bad for 7 months. Look out 2008!

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  1. I read on of your posts over on the 200+ WW thread and I just wanted to say way to go on losing 70lbs! I have bouts of severe depression that have hampered my weight loss in the past and I'm just starting to realize that it's something I need to deal with if I am going to be sucessful at losing weight. Just wanted to say hang in there and here's to a great 2008!