Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do I amaze myself?

I just read a little book called "I Amaze Myself". It got me to thinking, do I ever amaze myself?
I mean, besides the times I amaze myself that I can actually walk and chew gum without falling on my face? Because I am amazed that I can do that. Graceful, I am not.
But seriously, I keep asking myself the question 'do I amaze myself?"
If I can be totally honest, the answer is no. At least I really don't think so.
Am I pretty damn proud of what I've accomplished thus far on my quest to become fit and healthy? AbsoDAMNlutely! But I don't consider what I've done all that amazing. It just is what it is, ya know? I mean, how amazing is it to just eat reasonably and exercise? People do that every day.
Does this mean I do not have the healthiest self esteem, or does this mean I'm just being realistic?

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