Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's wrong with your face?

Yes, it's a two-fer day on my blog. Yeehaw.

So I've been noticing a lot lately that not many people smile. Im not sure why I noticed this now, I did grow up in Southern California, not much smiling there. Too much Botox. But I digress.
No seriously, at work, people walk around like the joy has been sucked dry from their bodies. It's sad. I smile at people at get nothing. I feel like I work with the Borg. Well good luck trying to assimilate me. It was walking around my office observing the gloom and doom patrol that I came up with the phrase "Don't let the frown on another's face be reason to remove the smile from your own." Damn I'm brilliant. (Hey look at that, I just amazed myself! HA!)
But seriously, Im not going to stop smiling if I feel like smiling. Even if I get the blank stare in return. I'm going to keep smiling.
At the gym I've been noticing the grumpy frumps, too. So much for endorphins being released from exercise.
I have to wonder if people really are as miserable as they appear to be. I hope not. If you are, why? You may have issues and challenges and really crappy things going on in your life, but don't let it suck out all your joy. Even in what seems to be the worst of circumstances there is SOMETHING to be happy about. (Trust me, things could be worse.)
I think some people are truly happy being miserable. If I ever get that way, please just kill me.

My friend shared a quote with me the other day (though I have no idea to whom it's attibuted) "nobody cares if your miserable so you might as well be happy". Well, I do care when people are miserable, but not when all the seem to want to do is find reasons to be unhappy. But seriously, don't we all sometimes get so wrapped up in whatever is troubling us, and really, to the casual observer, it seems like really just a bunch of crap that such things make us miserable?

I don't know where Im going with this, other than to say

SMILE, DAMMIT! It's not going to kill you.

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