Sunday, May 4, 2008


People still say things to me about how losing this weight must be so hard. Seriously, it hasn't been hard at all to stay focused. I started to think about why.

So you think eating healthy and exercising regularly is hard? No. It's not hard.
Hard is:
--when you can't walk from the parking lot to your desk without becoming winded.
--when you have to find a close parking space or just leave because if you have to walk to far you'll be sweating so bad people might think you're having a heart attack.
--when you have to sit in a folding chair and fear the entire time it will collapse.
--when you have to crawl over people to get to the empty seats in the movie theater and have
your ass in the face of the person behind you and your belly knocking the head of the person
in front of you.
--when you try to sit down in a booth at a restaurant and you can't fit
--when you have bruises on your hips for two weeks from squeezing into the seats at the
baseball stadium or race track.
--when the clerk at the Southwest counter gives you the once over (in front of the entire line of
people behind you) and announces that you must buy two seats because you're so large.
--when you hear the comments of people trying to be rude, trying to impress their friends or
are just plain thoughtless that remind you how much of a circus side show spectacle you are
to the rest of the world, and it cuts through your heart for days.
--when you hear those same comments all your life and have to fight hard within yourself not
to respond with the same amount of ugliness in your heart as the person who made the
--when you believe your are a disappointment to your parents, simply because of your weight.
--when you are terrified at the thought of outliving your parents because you just might die
fat and alone, surrounded by a dozen cats.
--when you pray to God but realize the Higher Power you've relinquished the control
of your life to is actually a red haired clown named Ronald McDonald.
--when you wake up one day and realize you have literally traded more than half your life, and
all the things you wanted to have in those years, for the pursuit of just one more Super Sized
Big Mac value meal.
--when you realize that maybe what you're doing with food is just a slow form of suicide.
THAT is hard.
Eating healthy and exercising regularly, not so much.


  1. Wise words - thanks for sharing.

  2. They should read this at the WW meetings.

  3. Found you via the core board. I love this post. I'll be back!

  4. Found you via the core board. I love this post. I'll be back!

  5. Wow. Amazing post! That's a great way to put it. People really don't get how taking the easy way out will make life harder for them sooner than they think.