Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dare to change your life....

I stumbled on a website in the making by accident a month or so ago. I was looking to make a donation to Lance Armstrong's Live Strong Foundation in honor of my beautiful friend Ellison (and here come the tears again!). But Im a doofus and I typed .com instead of .org. What do ya know...he owns that domain, too. It wasn't live yet, but said it would be about fitness and health. So I left my email and forgot about it. Well it went live last week. And it's really pretty cool, you should check it out! (www.livestrong.COM). So I went to look at what they'd put together, and the slogan they have right under the main banner is "Dare to change your life".
Wow. I like it. Seriously I'd buy a shirt with that if they sold them.
Because think about it. What is a dare? (And I know this all too well, because, as my friends will tell you, I can't walk away from one!) Per Merriam Webster:
1 a: to challenge to perform an action especially as a proof of courage b: to confront boldly : defy
2: to have the courage to contend against, venture, or try

So. Here we are. Overweight, unhappy, inactive. You know you aren't happy with yourself. Do you DARE to change it? I do. Do you have the courage to contend against the challenge of becoming fit and healthy? Because it's not the easiest thing in the world when you have years of living otherwise. I do. Most days. And on the days I don't have it? Dare me. Dare me to make it a fit and healthy day. I dare you to dare me! Because I can't not do it if you dare me! If I'm freaking out about something that really, in the grand scheme of things is totally inconsequential (like people gossiping about a surgery I never had or the fact that I didn't lose enough weight that week or that I just might not be perfect at this) DARE me to knock it off. Please.

Because I dare to change my life.

When people want to tell you that you can't do this without surgery, or without taking a pill, that's a dare. When people try to cut you down because they're jealous of your success, that's a dare. When people try to push food on you that you don't want (because they don't want to be eating the crap alone) THAT is a dare. They are all dares to keep doing this. BECAUSE THEY DON'T THINK WE HAVE THE GUTS TO DO IT! Keep pushing forward towards your goals. They are DARING us to do it.

By the way. I dare you. Double dog.


  1. Sounds like the Gin I know!!!

  2. Hey there! Just found you on a message board! So, I'm with you. I dare to change my life! I'll be visiting, but I hope you forgive me if I'm a Kevin Harvick fan!

  3. Harvick fans allowed! Happy's one of my favorite drivers, too!

    Now Hendrick fans, on the other hand..... JUST KIDDIN. Well really not kiddin so much!

  4. Ginny, you've got me thinking a lot about exercise. I need to take that dare.

  5. do NOT want to get me started on why you have GOT to add exercise in to your routine! No really, you don't! The soapbox is so tall it requires a running jump for me to get up on it!

    Take a lesson from Nike (Im all about the slogans!) JUST DO IT! Thats what I did. I hated every second of it, too. At first. Not anymore!

  6. REALLY hope it didn't freak you out that I found you online, but I was curious after everyone talked up your blog at dinner Saturday.

    This post was amazing - I printed it out and put it in my cube at work so I read it every morning as my little "devotion." And I copied and sent to about 10 of my friends who just may become regular readers, like me...

    Keep up the good work - here and at the gym!

  7. Awesome dare :). you're on!