Monday, July 14, 2008

It's official!

It's official, I no longer have high blood pressure!!

After I LOST (yes, I said LOST) 50lbs, my blood pressure went up. To the point I had to be put on meds. I was humiliated and embarrassed. This is NOT the way it's supposed to work! My doctor tried to assure me that with my strong family history it may not be a weight related thing at all, and even marathon runners can have high blood pressure. Didn't make me feel any better. I swore this was only going to be temporary. AND IT WAS!
Two weeks ago I went to the doctor for a knee problem and my blood pressure was pretty low. I asked how low it would have to get before they'd consider taking me off the meds, and mentioned I'd been getting a lot of dizziness when I stood up, and I didnt even have to be sitting long for it to happen. So the plan was to stop the meds and come back in two weeks to make sure it stayed down. I was so nervous that it would be back up but it was fine! 110/80, off the meds! YAY!!!

Now here's the good news/bad news. You know that nasty 4.4lb gain this week? Turns out there is something called rebound edema that can happen when you stop taking diuretics (which was in my blood pressure meds.) So there's the explanation for my gain. Thats the good news. The bad news? Doc says it can take a few weeks for my body to regulate this out on its own.
Which means the scale may be unpredictable for awhile. I will not have a meltdown. I will not have a meltdown. I WILL NOT HAVE A MELTDOWN!!


  1. at least you have a reason. you are not crazy! I'm on hypertension meds too. i hate them and cant wait to get off them.

  2. Good Job though. I have never really had a problem with high blood pressure even though it does run in the family and I am technically obese. But that's an absurd term because obese is what like 20 lbs overweight. I'm glad it finally went down and it's good you found out why you had gained. That was what was frustrating you the most right, not knowing why it happened?

    Miss you over on the Topix board btw.