Saturday, October 11, 2008


I went shopping today. By myself. No big deal, right?
Well, I found myself at Kohl's. I did the usual, I walked right to the Plus section. I looked around and it started to sink in that lately the smallest Plus tops are getting too big.
What to do?!
So I went to the regular section. I have to tell you, I felt very strange. Like I didn't belong there. I expected employees to start walking up to me and point me towards the Women's Section while they pointed out I was too big for the section I was in. But nobody did. And every time I picked something up, I was just sure it was pointless.
But most of what I picked up fit just fine. Even a dress that was a size LARGE! Not even XL!
And yesterday, the Gym Bad Ass Jess took me to a bike shop to get bike shorts so I can go to spin class and not leave with bruises in places I'd rather not have them. She grabs a pair of spandex monsters, size XL. I told her flat out they wouldnt fit. She just gave me one of her "shut up, Crackhead" looks and kept grabbing shorts.
Later, I called out from the dressing room "I really kind of hate it when you're right!"

I don't know why it's so hard to think of myself as smaller. But thats really not it. I had no problem grabbing smaller sizes in the Plus Size stores. It's jumping out of the plus sizes into regular sizes that I have a hard time accepting I can do. And granted not everything in the regular sizes fits, especially bottoms. But for some reason I feel like when I go into a regular section to actually shop, I'm trespassing.


  1. I was totally stoked to be able to shop at Walmart for pants. Though being tall is an issue so pants are short on me. But it's funny how when you get to the size that you can buy clothes that fit because you're no longer hiding anything how weird and exciting it feels. Good for you though.

  2. What an awesome NSV! Good for you!

  3. Congrats on your NSV!!!! I have the same issues...I still see myself way bigger than I am...