Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am not a natural athlete..

I got the idea from a lady in my Weight Watchers meeting to keep a fitness journal. It was a great idea. I think I'm going to title it "I am NOT a natural athlete."

I'm so not genetically inclined to be an athlete. It's not natural to me. What's natural to me is picking out makeup and curling my hair and painting my nails. And memorizing the OPI nail polish names. I'm a natural at being goofy and silly and a little scattered. I'm a natural at talking to people. Anybody. Just give me five minutes to warm up and then I'm hard to shut up.

I am NOT a natural at physical exertion. I have to work at it. Hard. It seems like I struggle almost every time I get on the elliptical or every spin class to break through the wall I hit in the first ten minutes. My body really just isn't inclined to do it. It has to be finessed. Forced.

But I do it. A lot. I pushed myself through Spin class tonight when I swore I wasn't going to make it past the first 15 minutes.

I would love to think that eventually my body will make this easier. But in reality, that's just not likely. So I'll keep pushing myself and pretending.

1 comment:

  1. We must be related. Your description of yourself is ME!
    I know my OPI's by heart, but now I'm big into Essie nail polish. I swear this stuff is sent from heaven. 8 days no chip yet!

    Exercise journalling is a very good idea. Thanks for the suggestion!