Saturday, January 24, 2009

She stole MY stalker!!

So I don't have a real stalker. Just another person a little too interested in the state of my ass. And what I eat. And how much I work out. And how to get in more protein. Because you know I'm the expert. Right. Anyway...

So I've often bitched about how some people feel there are no boundaries when it comes to what information they can ask me, things they can say to me, etc when it comes to diet and weight loss. Because when you lose a crapload of weight you somehow become public property. Right. Anyway...

So Jessica gets this kinda thing a lot, too. So today, my "stalker" saw her in the gym while she was having a conversation with some other people. Said "stalker" walked by and made a comment about how skinny Jessica was getting. AND THEN PATTED HER ON THE ASS!!!

Okay this whole post could be about my jealousy that MY stalker is fickle, but it's not. Right, anyway....(Can you tell I'm in a better mood, by the way? Despite being in pretty horrific pain the last two days, I've actually got my spark back!)

On what planet is it okay to pat a complete stranger on the ass under the guise of being 'supportive'? ON WHAT PLANET?????!!!!!!!! I might add, Jessica has far more self control than I do. And no practice with the pretty pink boxing gloves. Because I'm pretty sure I would have turned and had a smack down, right there in the gym.

WHY do people think the barriers of privacy are removed because you can see our accomplishments? I don't get it. I really don't.


  1. That is WILD! Is said stalker male or female? Either way its very weird! BTW I love reading your blog it totally cracks me up!

  2. Stalker is female and is basically a human version of one of those little squishy-faced dogs, like a maltese. Or Lhasa Apso.

    And maybe I could understand the ass pat if I were running off the football field, or we had just finished a marathon together. OR EVEN IF SHE WERE MY DAMN STALKER!

    Ginny, take her back. Please.

  3. Ginny, is this the stalker who constantly turns to look at you during meetings? Fuhreakay! - Maria

  4. Yep Maria, That's her!!!

    (Oh and can I just brag? I weigh TWICE what she does, and she can't spin as long as I do. Ha!!)