Sunday, January 18, 2009

On the other hand...

So last week was a "rest" week, per the orders of my trainer. (Rest being a relative term. I did still work out three days.) Time to recharge my body and my mind. And while the scale moved the right way this week, Im not getting my hopes up quite yet. But, I do feel better about things.

Last week over dinner after our beloved Cardio Funk class, my sage Jessica, when I started to whine (again) about how I'm a complete failure because I can't seem to control the scale right now, pointed out that perhaps I should give a little credit to the kind of workout I just did. And how I couldn't have done that a year ago. No matter what the scale says, I have made huge strides in my fitness level. Of course she's right.

If there is any lesson for me to take away from all this, and any lesson that maybe somebody reading can benefit from, it's that when things are getting hard, it's really easy to fall back in to the same patterns of thinking that made me use food as yet one more way to beat myself up. Thinking I'm a failure, that I'm not worth anything, blah blah blah. It's really easy to slip back into the old identity.

When the going gets rough, I'm not going to wuss out. I'm just not. When I'm working out I always tell myself to "finish strong" no matter how tired I am. So that's what I'm going to keep doing here.


  1. And when the going gets rough, you need to remind yourself of ALL your other growth and successes, fitness and otherwise. You've made HUGE strides, and you continue to do that every day.

    So when things start to suck, you're not gonna wuss out, you're not gonna use food as a crutch - because you're just not that person anymore.

    Proud of you, twinkie.

  2. Ginny,
    I've been missing you on the WW Board...just wanted you to know. I can relate to your I'm just so tired blog; among others. I got so tired I had momentary insanity and just said... well, you know. I gained 41 lbs. My doctor asked me what happened? And, that's exactly what I told her..."I'm just so tired." Then something so simple hit me like a ton of bricks. Something I've always known. If you want something you've got to work at it.What a revelation. I didn't get a college degree by sittin on my butt. I had to work at it. And, so is the journey of weigh loss. I'm going to have to work at it!
    Anyway, I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and I love reading your blog. Here's to finishing strong in 2009 and daring to change our lives.